DYE on paljastanut Youtube-kanavallaan DYE Matrix 2011 NT:n ominaisuudet, jotka ovat seuraavat:

  1. 14 inch two piece Ultralite barrel with .688 bore
  2. Spool valve technology with
    • Boost forward feature for gentle touch on paint
    • Automatic valve shutoff for maximum efficiency
    • Integrated secondary solenoid spool
  3. Low operating pressure of just 125psi
    • Lowered for 2011 for even softer feel and reduced noise
  4. Eye pipe with integrated detents
  5. Ultimate efficiency, 1500-1700 shots of 68/45
  6. Player performance and shooting comfort
    • Added third bolt tip flow insert
    • Color coded volume inserts for easier use
  7. Ultralite airport
  8. Ultralite reach trigger
  9. 2nd generation ultralite frame
  10. LED control with 4 fire modes and 40 rof settings
  11. Hyper3 regulator
  12. Cam lock feed neck
  13. Tool-less sticky grips for quick access
  14. Contact pads for maximum comfort and grip

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