The RTpro has been delayed for testing of new ideas for the vertical feed tube. We have already made significant improvements in ball breakage with a slightly longer bolt that reduces blowback. This mainbody will also be used on the E-mag. We expect to get them to market within several weeks.

The E-mag is moving along nicely, and we are ordering production parts. Delays have not been due to problems but from adding more features to the gun. At this point both the circuit board and the memory are just about full, so we figure we are done. We have designed the system to retrofit to existing Mags, but we will be selling the complete guns first. We don’t yet want to give a delivery date because one wrong dimension can set things back weeks. We are really excited about this gun, and judging from the phone calls, you are, too. We just want to make sure it’s a screamer out of the box!

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