Kingman have this spring widened their Spyder range with a new electronic frame and two new marker models.

Electronic frame

The electronic frame is named Sprint E-Trigger Frame. The frame fits into Spyders and effectively turns a regular Spyder into an electronic marker.

The frame provides several firing modes (semi, 3-burst, 6-burst, reactive trigger and full-auto), adjustable rate of fire and double trigger.

The frame is available in black, red, blue, green and silver colors. The set includes a battery and a charger. The price is etimated at 130 dollars.

Esprit- and Imagine-markers

Esprit is the budget model of the new two markers of the Spyder line. The only difference to Imagine is that Imagine includes bottomline.

Other attributes:

 o adjustable double trigger
 o renewed bolt
 o semi-auto, 3-burst, reactive trigger and full auto -firing modes
 o LED-display
 o vertical feed

The prices of Esprit and Imagine are estimated at 190 and 230 dollars, respectively.