This weekend teams from Finland participated in abroad tournaments. The fourth round of Millennium Series, 7-man World Cup, was played in Toulouse, France. Estonian Open took place in Tallinn, Estonia, and the first round of Norlandsserien was held in Piteå, Sweden.

7-Man World Cup

The traditional 7-man World Cup was played at Toulouse, France. The Finnish flag was held up high by Cyclone, who made their way through to the semi-finals. Cyclone were left off 82 points from the finals.

Here are the points and standings of the finalists.

 1. Bob Long's Ironmen    286 p
 2. SC Ironmen            206 p
 3. Strange               120 p
 4. Russian Legion         30 p

 1. Check It              291 p
 2. Scalp                 153 p
 3. Vision 1              109 p
 4. Malera                 79 p

 1. Zero Cool             201 p
 2. All Stars             130 p
 3. Aliens                123 p
 4. GPC                   120 p

Twilight takes double in Estonia

Estonian Open-tournament was held in the vicinity of Öllesummer beer festivals in Tallinn. Finnish teams included Twilight with two teams and Musketeers, who took the first three places of the competition.

  1. Twilight 2
  2. Twilight 1
  3. Musketeers
  4. Dynasty
  5. Avalanche

RumaQ triumphs at the opening round of Norlandsserien

Norrlands Serien 2002The opening round of Norlandsserien was held in Piteå, Sweden. The tournament was organized for the second year running, and this time RumaQ made their abroad debut.

16 teams from Northern Norway and Sweden, plus RumaQ, took part in the opening round of the series.

The first day matches for RumaQ were all but a failure, and after the opening round matches on Saturday and Sunday they were placed on the sixth place in amateurs before the semi-finals.

RumaQ’s game in the semi-finals improved greatly, and they took the flag in every game, resulting in the first place in their group, plus a place in the finals.

The finals were tough, and every team was playing a lot more accurate game than in the semi-finals. The amateur winner wasn’t clear until after the last game, in which RumaQ managed to flag the Norwegian FUBAR’s 2nd team, and also succeeded to stretch a four-point gap to the second-placed All FUBAR.

Here are the points and standings from amateur and novice finals.

 1. RumaQ Trombies  112 p
 2. All FUBAR       108 p
 3. Curl Up and Dye 103 p
 4. Team FUBAR      -40 p

 1. Trigger Wizards 198 p
 2. Artic Wolves    110 p
 3. Team X-Rated    101 p
 4. Team Plastic     99 p