Millennium Seriesin mielenkiintoisin sääntömuutos on ollut tulinopeuden laskeminen sekä ramppisäännön muuttaminen. Aiemmin Millennium Seriesissä maksimitulinopeus oli
15 palloa sekunnissa. Ramppi aktivoitui, kun tulinopeus saavutti 7,5 palloa sekunnissa.

Uudessa säännössä maksimitulinopeus on tasan 12 palloa sekunnissa. Rampin voi aktivoitua kun tulinopeus saavuttaa kuusi palloa sekunnissa. Lisäksi uuden säännön mukaan
kolme ensimmäistä laukausta tulee olla puoliautomaattisia.

Millennium Seriesin julkistama tiedote uudesta tulinopeussäädöstä:

Millennium Series ROF cap in 2008

Following discussions with team owners last week and extensive consulting with various gun/board manufacturers the MS will update the respective wording of rule ”11.01 Markers” to

  • The first 3 shots must be semi-auto mode only.
  • Markers will be limited to a ROF of 12 balls per second, defined as no two consecutive shots may be timed shorter than 83ms apart (reading on ROF meter of 12.0 bps or less = legal;
    reading on ROF meter of 12.1 bps or higher = illegal).
  • Ramping of shots will be allowed only, once 6 bps has been achieved. Then the marker may ramp to 12 bps, but only as long the 6 bps is continually maintained. Once the trigger is
    stopped to be activated, only one single additional shot may be discharged.

Clarification: the 6 bps for start/sustain ramping dose not need to be hit physically, it refers to the time delay between trigger activations, which must be at least the equivalent
to 6 bps. So a marker may start to ramp up to 12 bps, if (after the first three shots being in semi-auto only) the time delay between 3rd and 4th trigger activation is not less than 167ms.

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