AirStar, joka tunnetaan Nova 700 merkkaimista, lopetti toimintansa viime kuun lopussa. Tässä tiedoite AirStarin kotisivuilta:

September 13, 2000
Dear AirStar Customers, We are sad to announce that on August 31st, 2000 the board of directors of Pneu Systems Inc. dba AirStar voted to dissolve the company. We had committed a large amount of money to new product development and when the recall was announced; both sales and our cash dried up. As you know and have heard, one of our suppliers drilled the regulators too deep which would not allow the poppit to seal thus causing the marker to go to full pressure. The fix is easy but the damage has been done. Right now, selling AirStar markers is like trying to sell Firestone tires.

We are making arrangements to return all markers sent in for repair. Be patient.

We are very concerned about getting recall kits to everyone affected. For one excuse after another we have had troubles getting them to you. This should be resolved by this weekend. Thanks for your support over the past two years. It has been very enjoyable.

Sincerely, All of us at AirStar